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Have a look at some of our most recent publications.

Should AI allocate livers for transplant? Public attitudes and ethical considerations

Journal article

Drezga-Kleiminger M. et al, (2023), BMC Medical Ethics

Consent-GPT: is it ethical to delegate procedural consent to conversational AI?

Journal article

Allen JW. et al, (2023), J Med Ethics

FUS-NLS mutation causes neurodevelopmental and systemic metabolic alterations.

Journal article

Ali Z. et al, (2023), Dis Model Mech

Shinmi(親身): A distinctive Japanese medical virtue?

Journal article

Ozeki-Hayashi R. and WILKINSON D., (2023), Asian Bioethics Review

An open resource combining multi-contrast MRI and microscopy in the macaque brain.

Journal article

Howard AFD. et al, (2023), Nat Commun, 14

What is “medical necessity”?

Journal article

WILKINSON D., (2023), Clinical Ethics

Why every lab needs a handbook.

Journal article

Tendler BC. et al, (2023), Elife, 12

Wooded Streets, but not Streetlight Dimming, favour Bat Activity in a Temperate Urban Setting

Journal article

Stanley C. et al, (2023), Journal of Urban Ecology

Association of gout with brain reserve and vulnerability to neurodegenerative disease

Journal article

Topiwala A. et al, (2023), Nature Communications, 14

Nasal high flow therapy for primary respiratory support in preterm infants

Journal article

Hodgson KA. et al, (2023), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2023

The implications of identity-relative paternalism

Journal article

WILKINSON D., (2023), Journal of Medical Ethics

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