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Cheltenham science festival

Public Engagement with Research

Public engagement and outreach are an important priority for the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group. We regularly attend science festivals, visit schools, and take part in science communication events.

Neuroimaging research featured in blueprint magazine

Neuroimaging research featured in Blueprint Magazine


In the latest issue of the Blueprint, Shaunna Latchman meets Professor of Paediatric Neuroimaging, Rebeccah Slater to discuss the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group and find out why a gentle touch really does goes a long way.

The power of touch stroking modulates noxious evoked brain activity in human infants

The power of touch

Publication Research

Deniz Gursul demonstrates that gentle stroking modulates noxious-evoked brain activity in human infants

Is morphine an effective and safe analgesic for premature babies

Is morphine an effective and safe analgesic for premature babies?

Publication Research

The Lancet has published the results of the Procedural Pain in Premature Infants (Poppi) study, which was run by the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group and co-ordinated by the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (Clinical Trials Unit).

Prestigious fellowship awarded to paediatrics scholar

Caroline Hartley is awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dr Caroline Hartley, a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group, has been awarded the highly competitive Sir Henry Dale Fellowship.

Two prize winning talks from the paediatric neuroimaging team

Two prize winning talks from the Paediatric Neuroimaging team

Fiona Moultrie and Caroline Hartley gave prize winning talks this week at two London meetings.

Bliss has announced that the first award from their new research fund will go to the paediatric neuroimaging group

Bliss to fund the study of pain relief in newborns

The Paediatric Neuroimaging research team from the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Oxford will receive a £145,987 grant from Bliss, over three years, to fund a project which seeks to improve the measurement and treatment of pain in premature babies.

Did you know

"Did you know...?"

From the Town Hall, through pubs, up to shopping centres – throughout October, teams from Paediatrics have been showcasing their work all over Oxford as part of the Ideas Festival.

The new academic year begins

The new academic year begins

A huge welcome to the Marianne van der Vaart who has joined our team to begin her DPhil studies. Marianne will be looking at the relationship between structural and functional brain development in early infancy. The term has kicked off with a lively teaching session from Gabi Schmidt Mellado where she has been showing the team how to place electrodes on Luke's head.

Young investigator award for caroline hartley

Young Investigator Award for Caroline Hartley

Caroline has been awarded the 2018 Neonatal Update Young Investigator Award. The award recognises her outstanding contribution to the field of neonatal medicine. Caroline will give a prize Young Investigator Lecture at the 2018 Neonatal Update meeting on 20 November at BMA House, where she will discuss the relevance of her past and future work to neonatal medicine. Congratulations to Caroline.

The influence of the descending pain modulatory system on infant pain related brain activity

The influence of the descending pain modulatory system on infant pain-related brain activity


Sezgi Goksan publishes her work in eLife, suggesting that functional connectivity within a specific neural network can help dampen newborn infants’ brain activity in response to pain.

Poppi trial family event

Poppi Trial Family Event

A big thank you to the infants and families for taking part in the Poppi Trial.

Academic distinctions for rebeccah slater and eugene duff

Academic Distinctions for Rebeccah Slater and Eugene Duff

Two members of our team were awarded new academic titles by Oxford University

Medical sciences division dphil day 2018

Medical Sciences Division DPhil Day 2018

The MSD DPhil day was well attended by the DPhil members of our group Luke Baxter, Miranda Buckle, Maria Cobo, and Deniz Gursul.

Deniz gursul has been awarded the inez oliver prize

Deniz Gursul has been awarded the Inez Oliver Prize

Deniz Gursul wrote a thought provoking essay on how brain imaging can help humanity.

Animating research

OxTalent award for Fiona Moultrie and team

Dr Fiona Moultrie, Charlotte Moultrie and Prof. Rebeccah Slater were recognised with a Digital Media OxTALENT award

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