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Public engagement and outreach are an important priority for the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group. We regularly attend science festivals, visit schools, and take part in science communication events.

Paediatric Neuroimaging Group go to Cheltenham Science Festival for the second year!

Children's drawings of brains - Cheltenham Science FestivalChildren's drawings of brains - Cheltenham Science Festival
Gabi, Miranda, Caroline, Kirubin and Joanna took part in a public engagement event at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2019. Members of the group enjoyed talking to both schoolchildren and adults about infant pain and the wonders of the developing brain. Children had a chance to draw a human brain and find out what each part is responsible for - and to take home a brain hat!
Visitors showed lots of interest in the 3D printed new-born infant brains and the complexities of measuring pain accurately in babies.
Some of our resources are also appropriate for audiences with visual impediments.

Paediatric Neuroimaging at the Iris Festival at Cheney School

The group held an interactive display about infant brain development and pain perception. The visitors were fascinated by the 3D printed brains, brain hats and light-up models, and asked questions on a range of topics, from gender differences in pain perception to the future capabilities of neural networks!
Cheney school