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Pain management has become a key paediatric research priority. High-profile cases in the media this year have highlighted the difficulty of assessing pain in neonatal & paediatric intensive care. This interactive workshop, run by Fiona Moultrie, with Professors of Paediatric Neuroscience, Intensive Care, and Ethics will explore the mechanistic, pharmacological and ethical challenges of managing pain in infants and children.

RCPCH Conference and exhibition
Paediatrics: pathways to a brighter future

Join us for up to three days of inspirational talks, informative workshops and exclusive networking opportunities.


Our workshop will include:


Prof Rebeccah Slater, Professor of Paediatric Neuroimaging, University of Oxford

          Pain-related brain activity - an objective tool for measuring analgesic efficacy in infants


Dr Fiona Moultrie, Paediatric Clinical Doctoral Fellow, University of Oxford

         MRI - what can it tell us about pain and its consequences in infants and children?


Professor Christina Liossi, Professor of Paediatric Psychology, University of Southampton

          Psychological therapies for cancer pain in children


Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Oxford

          Ethics involved in pain management and pain research in paediatrics