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Eugene Duff

BA/BSc (Hons) PhD

Oxford Excellence Fellow in Paediatric Neuroimaging

I lead research focused on the conceptual and methodological challenges faced in inferring brain states from functional neuroimaging measurements. My current work, supported by an Oxford Excellence Fellowship in Paediatric Neuroimaging, aims to improve our ability to make inferences about the infant experience pain, looking towards better endpoints for clinical trials and clinical monitoring. I collaborate with Professor Rebeccah Slater and other members of the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group.

I am a member of the Developing Human Connectome Project, where I collaborate with Professor Stephen Smith, Dr Sean Fitzgibbon and Dr Slava Karolis from the WIN Analysis Group to develop fMRI methodology to study the maturation of fetal and neonatal brain function.

My fellowship is supported by the SSNAP 'Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents' Charity, who provide a variety of vital services for families with sick newborns in the John Radcliffe Hospital’s Newborn Care Unit.

I contribute to the Brain Imaging Data Structure and am Treasurer of the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping Open Science Special Interest Group.

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