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Joanna Bagniewska

Joanna Bagniewska

Work pattern

Please note, I work part-time and am available on Thursdays and Fridays.
Contact for general queries.

Joanna Bagniewska


Communications & Public Engagement Officer

I am responsible for developing and implementing communications and outreach activities across the Department of Paediatrics. As part of my role I edit the departmental webpage and collaborate with the University Press Office to raise awareness of our achievements to the media; I also facilitate communication between the different groups within the Department. Additionally, I support the researchers across Paediatrics in engaging non-academic audiences with their research.

I obtained my DPhil at Oxford University’s Zoology Department, and have subsequently worked as a Lecturer in Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University, and a Teaching Fellow in Zoology at the University of Reading. Since my doctorate, alongside my academic career, I have headed a range of public engagement and science communication activities. I currently split my time between zoology (as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at Brunel University London), and communications and outreach. 

Key publications

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